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A website is a collection of documents containing information about your company, on a computer where anyone who subscribes can say, "this is me, this is what I do, and this is what I can do for you." This website is stored on a computer called a web server. A website is really an electronic brochure that is available to the whole world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.




A web page is a 'screenful' of information. It can be physically many times the size of a regular sheet of paper or have only a few lines of information and graphics and pictures.

Within a website, each screenful of information is called a 'page'. Pages can contain some or all of the following: text, graphic images, photographs, sound and/or video, links to other pages or to a completely different website.

Different lengths of pages are used for different purposes and in different circumstances. When we speak of a web page in terms of design, we generally consider it to be on average, one screen wide and, typically, about half a paper page or a little bit longer. Keep in mind that in most cases we want to avoid having to scroll down, however there are certain circumstances when that is acceptable.

Pages can have colored and/or textured and/or image backgrounds, so it is possible to carry a theme or themes through a multi-page website with the use of color. Care needs to be taken in designing to be sure to use web-safe colors as not all our customers will have the latest in high tech equipment.

The contents of the page will vary greatly depending on the purpose of the site. For example, an information site will be mostly text with a few graphics and pictures. A site for the purpose of selling product will be photos as well as descriptions.




A server is a computer that provides a service. For example, if this service is websites, it is called a web server. If the service it provides is electronic mail, it is a mail server. In order for your website to be available to the world 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, then this server must be 'on' at all times. Viewers to your site connect to this 'server' to view your 'on line brochure' or website.




Websites range from a single page to a site that is several thousand pages. For example, a large multi-national corporation or government website is several thousand pages with links from department to department.

Websites may be provided by individuals, private business, special interest groups, educational establishments, science and research centers, voluntary organizations, individual retailers, banks, businesses, manufacturers, importers and exporters, news, media, and multi-national corporations.

A small business can have the same presence and create the same image as a multi-national firm. Each chooses the style and content of its own pages.




Each page contains 'links' which are embedded within a page and can be clicked on to take you to the information that you wish to view. A 'link' will also take you to another page or to a different url address or website. To continue with the brochure analogy, you would normally open a brochure from front to back, with a website the viewer decides which information to view and in what order.

This interactivity generates a sense of ownership and participation to the user, binding them to the information much more tightly than a traditional brochure.

To maximize this benefit, it really needs someone with an understanding of interactive programming to get the best out of creating the electronic pages and links that build the website.




The cost depends on the package of service you require. If you are looking for a plain site and already have a logo in place, your costs will be lower. If you want a site that is more visually appealing with original graphics, your costs will increase as that requires more of the designer's time.

To help you make an informed decision, we meet with you to discuss your needs, then put together a proposal including a basic layout of our design concept.

This sets out a very clear specification of what we will undertake for the price we give you, and you will find that unlike some companies, our price is fully inclusive.

To avoid having to pay the 'extras' charged by some companies, you need to be sure that you are getting a full service when bargain prices are offered. Some companies attract businesses by quoting very low and after you sign up you find out that you are paying for 'extras', like links.

We appreciate that you want to get a broad guideline of costs even before you get a quotation for your particular project, so we have set out a rough idea of the sort of costs likely to be involved.

Please remember our policy of providing inclusive prices, so where we give a web design cost per "typical" page, it includes a very personal service, and all the work involved, such as creating your unique page heading banner from your logo or other image. It also includes original graphics, to enhance your website, scanning the photographs for you and image enhancement on all scanned images to give the best quality possible for the web. The price also includes putting the links in, uploading and testing.

We won't use a pre-formed web page template and simply change the name of the organization for each new client. The nature of your business will usually set the individual tone for your site.




An internet service provider will supply you with access to the Internet yourself, if you have your own computer. In Alberta, the main internet service providers are Shaw and Telus. Smaller Internet service providers are out there as well.



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